AgileSoCal Meeting - Wednesday, July 21st, 6:00 PM Pacific

The Agile Fluency Model with Michael J. Tardiff

Diana Larsen and James Shore co-founded the Agile Fluency Project with the goal that every team should work at the level of fluency that best fits their business’ needs. The Agile Fluency Model describes an agile team’s pathway. You can use the model to chart a course for the team, create alignment with management, and secure organizational support for improvement.

A successful team begins as a collection of individuals with complementary technical skills.

As the team adopts agile practices, a team culture shift occurs: instead of planning in terms of technical considerations, such as software layers or modules, the team now plans in terms of business, customer, or user benefit, exhibiting Focusing fluency.

Mastery of technical practices like test driven development requires greater investment and, usually, more time. Once a team skills shift occurs that eliminates technical limitations to delivering working software, the team exhibits Delivering fluency.

Where circumstances require, the team may internalize the capability to understand and address market needs. When an organizational structure shift moves key business capabilities inside the team, the team may exhibit Optimizing fluency.

Join us at our July session where Michael J. Tardiff will give an overview of Agile Fluency and how it can help guide your teams and organization.

Your Presenter:

Michael J. Tardiff loves hearing what people want to do and helping them see the ways in which they might do it. In doing the work, we discover together the work that needs to be done. His aim is to live in happiness and share it with others. He tries to be helpful, and failing that, kind.

Michael appreciates theory but embraces practice, and he loves learning more about what he dislikes or opposes. He changes his mind more often than one would think.

As a colleague of Diana Larsen’s, Michael discovered the Agile Fluency Model over five years ago, and found he was appreciating how it looked not at “maturity” or advancement, but at how teams truly learn, grow, and flourish.

Michael has spent 40 years building software, and long ago spent years on an XP team. That great start led to his having been on, worked with, and helped start many teams. He has engaged with firms medium and large, helping change how they deliver value, and drawing on his extensive real-world experience with Scrum, Kanban, lean and systems thinking. Michael is proudest of the engagements where, years after he left, teams and the organization thrive using what they've learned and adapted to their needs.

Michael writes things at @mjt on Twitter is him being short. Still available on iTunes is the “The Agile Coach” podcast. Invite him and he'll talk, wherever and whenever you like. Agile Open Northwest’s annual Open Space brings him joy, and he served as a director for a decade. He finds peace sailing the waters north of Seattle. And he dwells in delight with The Love of His Life, Maureen, in a Seattle cottage next door to her daughters and grandchild.

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When: Wednesday, June 16th
6:00 PM.

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